This project started : 20.09.2018
Min deposit: 500 Doge . Min withdraw for the moment 20 then 50 then 100 Doge
Free Plan give you 1 DOGE per day forever and 10% for affiliate without investments

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Youtubers Contest
I saw many clips on Youtube in spanish , portuguese or hindi, but none in English.
The greatest youtube clips in english will receive the exact Ðoge amount as number of views.
This offer is for all members. I will need from you to post on our chat your clip.
Winners will be announced after one week

Minimum amount request to withdraw will grow
Starting from tomorrow night 2018-09-29 minimum withdraw request will be 50 Ðoge

Earning rate/day reduced drastically from 1 Ðoge to 0.02 Ðoge
Reason: Members from Nigeria, Indonesia, Vietnam abuse and create countless accounts from the same IP .
There are more then 3000 accounts from 5-6 IP adresses and I can't afford to send monthly 90000 Ðoge.
The decision is final : Earning rate/day for free members will be 0.02 Ðoge.

We have decided to reward all Youtube promoters with 100 Ðoge
All members with best reviews, comments and likes will be rewarded with 100 Doge.
Share your opinion on youtube regarding our site and you will get this reward.
If you create a videoclip on youtube please enter your Dogecoin adress in description and share your link in chat room to send you the reward.

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Deposit Contest Announced
Starts 2018-09-20 ends 2018-09-26
Our first contest has been announced. First 3 members with the largest deposit ammount will receive this 3 prizes
1st place - 2000 Ðoge
2nd place - 1000 Ðoge
3rd place - 500 Ðoge
All winners can be seen on Contest Menu
2018-09-19 Official Launch : 2018-09-20
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