This project started : 20.09.2018
Min deposit: 500 Doge . Min withdraw for the moment 20 then 50 then 100 Doge
Free Plan give you 1 DOGE per day forever and 10% for affiliate without investments

If you have questions or problems please join in our telegram group for answers or send us a mail

Youtube contest:

ID Adress Link Reward TXID
1 D8qzRvdxDUmei5xsQEkoXXXXX Youtube Link 100 DOGE 4e960e8c76ba1f3b35ac5bb07dcfb0246027f9cbcc659c978eb6594ab81a859a
2 DDgDetntdthUQujHSDY3f2DXXXXX Youtube Link 100 DOGE 99aa50d9b414e5c068e3e79eca554b967b694d2aab0caeebfd3cafaaa70XXXXX
3 DL6AgUAPvbDeeSKUeLPK7tHxXuVGNXXXXX Youtube Link 100 DOGE f8d5c28b0bbddd2f66664554ec4f0c25711fba471354423806048d02423XXXXX
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5 DJ5ooFXBNQ77S4qZQYe5WGwSXXXXX Youtube Link 100 DOGE 37da231f86221eea7b6193275db8fa6217dc3a002d7fc703697e3812188XXXXX
6 DMLnYopAsmnYbBSbtnWp1PpVXXXXX Youtube Link 100 DOGE 65138a9f5d70016c4424dce9d5446ded6d4c1b07308fcfd2eedf4a6f705XXXXX
Happy earning!

Deposit contest: